Chameleon Style shoot 14.2

I had a planned photoshoot with the brand Chameleon Style to promote their spring/summer collection. This was my first commissioned and paid for photoshoot I had done and I was very nervous going into it. The shoot itself from start to finish to around of about 3 and a half hours and the editing has added in about 4 hours all together.

The shoot itself went very well. They had very specific needs regarding the size of the images and the format, as well as they wanted the photos to be cropped from the neck down as they wanted the photos to focus on the clothes, rather than the model. The photos also had to be square, which was the biggest challenge of the shoot, as I wasn’t too sure how much space I’d have to add around the model in order to crop it in to square, and so I took the photos with quite a bit of dead space around in order to crop them back in. In the editing, I’ve realized I could have zoomed in a lot more, which would be very beneficial for me for next time, as now I have a better gauge of the space in the studio and the format of the camera.

This shoot was a very good experience and has given me a lot of understanding on a completely commercial type fashion shoot, and has also given more photos to show a range in my photographs, as I have previous fashion photos done with the fashion students that are more on the art/fashion photography, while still being commercial, however, this shoot was all commercial.

I had suggested to Deana and Sam to do another shoot as we used a white background in the photos, and I felt it didn’t work as well with the white clothes that were shot, but I gave them the option to see which works for them, as another consideration needs to be how uniform the website this is going on needs to be.

After the shoot, I had to make some amendments to some of the images. This experience was a great learning experience as it taught me to solidify the payment and what is included in it before the shoot itself to avoid any confusion when sending over the invoice. As this was my very first paid job it appeared I wasn’t clear enough when setting the price range and that created issues after it.



Headshots for Rachel

Rachel is a friend who has in the past competed in beauty competitions, most recently Miss Wales 2017.

Rachel has asked me to create some headshots for her which I had agreed to do so. The shoot went well, despite the fact that Rachel is my friend the atmosphere in the studio was very professional and organised.

I had experimented with different styles of lighting during this shoot, from bright and clean lighting to more severe lighting conditions to create more dramatic photos.

Rachel had a clear idea to what she wants to have in the images, and once we’ve done those it gave me the opportunity to try different poses, lighting styles and shots, to make sure I have a wide spectrum of images to work with.

During this time in university I want to create a wide range of images to put in my portfolio, all related to my final goal of becoming a fashion and editorial photographer, and so projects like this are exactly what could help me in the future.


Before the Christmas break Fiona and I have visited Beatons in order to photograph their cafe and food in order for them to have promotional photographs for them to use.

This shoot I felt hasn’t gone as well as the one I had done with the international office despite the fact that we had more freedom and less direction with this one. They have chosen a verity of food and drinks they have wanted us to photograph however as the cafe wasn’t as empty as it was during the first shoot I had done with them, we didn’t have as much choice with the positioning of the shots. In the first shoot I had done in Beatons as the cafe was empty at the time we had gone, we had the option of moving around the tables and our model, in order to have the best lighting and backdrop for our image, in this shoot we were more confined to one place, which was at the entrance of the shop which also meant we would have people walking past during the shots.

Despite this I feel that Fiona and I have produced some great photographs for Beatons and ones they can use in the future.

Fashion students shoot

Last week I had two days of shoots with the fashion design students. Originally I was meant to photograph the first years on one day, and second years on another day, however as most second years were not ready with their work, that shoot was moved to after the Christmas break, and so the second day of shooting was dedicated to one second year who was ready and a first year who was not available in the day before.

The shoot was overall very successful, most students either modelled for themselves or for others, however a few of them brought in models for the shoot.

One of the students, Lili, brought in a model. Lili was very enthusiastic about the shoot and had a very clear idea to what she wanted to have in her photos, this combined with the quality of her work, and the quality of the model made so that those images were the most successful images of the day. I had spoken to Lili about using her clothes in another project I have this year. As the photos went so well I wanted to use them in my website, however as the model was underaged I had to get the consent of her parent. I asked the model to have her mother email me to let me know if she agrees to have her daughter’s photos on my website, and once she did I uploaded the photos.

The shoot was a challenge because it was the first time I had a chance to work alongside designers, however this brought in different opportunities of experiments with the photos, having the creativity of another person who works in a different medium allowed for a great flow in the photographs and the day as a whole. In a way it removed some of the pressure I often feel when working with friends or other photographers to have all the ideas all the time, and opened up a wider range of collaboration.

I am extremely happy with the photos I ended up with, they would be very useful in my portfolio which at the moment is lacking in fashion photography, and will allow me to reach a wider range of opportunities after I graduate.


Ladies Lunch for Children Today

A couple of days ago Delphine Wilson, the head of department for fashion design, got in touch with me and asked me if I could work with her and her students on some projects in the upcoming weeks, one project was a fashion event that raises money for the Children Today charity, the other project is some studio shoots of the first and second year fashion students.

Today was the first event. It was in a room that I had previously shot a fashion show last year, however this time the set up of the room was different as this was meant to be more of a lunch rather than a catwalk show, and so I had to accommodate to the new environment which was slightly challenging due to the fact that in this shoot I had to photograph the models walking down from their side, rather than head on like I was able to in the previous shoot. Luckily, some of the models lingered as they turned away and so I did manage to get some good images from the front.


I took advantage of the event for quite a bit of networking. I have made contacts with Emma from the Children Today charity and had offered my photography services to her for any other events she might have. We’ve exchanged emails so I could send her the images after the event, and when I had emailed her to let her know I have uploaded the images onto dropbox, I had also reminded her that I am free for photography and directed her to my website to see other work I have done. Emma replied and had asked me if I could remove some of the watermarks from my images in order for her to send my photos to the press (with credit given), which I had send back to her.

Other people I have gotten emails from today include a speaker in the event, a fashion brand that was exhibiting, one of the make up artists in the event, and some of the models. I have shared the images from the event with them and will be keeping the emails for future reference. I had also made contacts with some of the fashion design students for a potential collaboration for my project I am working on for the final degree show.

I have made contact to the fashion brand Chameleon Style who have given me their card after the show. They are a fashion brand who also organises privet fashion events. They seemed happy that I have made contact and have raised the option for me to photograph their new collection that will be arriving soon and have said that they will get in touch again when the collection will arrive.


Due to the fact I had shared my images with so many different people who don’t know me personally I had decided to watermark my images as well as attach a message in the email sent with the dropbox link letting people know what my social media links are so they can tag me if they will be uploading any.

During the day we also had our department development day. Today’s task was to create a magazine in a day. As I was already going to the show, it was decided that my group will write about it. We had agreed that once the show is over I will edit some photos together and send them over to my group mates back on campus for them to put in the magazine.

As the schedule was a bit tight I had to rush to get photos together for them. They had also changed their mind from our original idea of choosing our favourite print from the show and working with that, and so when I asked which photo they want me to send and of which garment their response was to just send as much as I can. This in turn staggered my working speed as I had to weed through many images instead of just searching for one specific one.

When I had sent the images I was told that the deadline had passed and so non of my images will be used and that they will just use some photos they shot on their phone when they came to see the show. I was quite disappointed that this had happened. I felt there was no communication in our group, I was not informed when the deadline was, I only found out after I had sent images in. I was also not involved in their decisions of what they wanted from the images. I also felt that due to the nature of the assignment and the time that the show had actually began it was not very plausible for me to get images in time for the magazine, as when I was told when the deadline was, it appeared that it was only minutes after the show had ended.

As I was working on this project regardless and for other people, I did not mind not having my images in the magazine, as I know they will be presented in other places.

Overall I had a very good networking experience today and I am hoping that this will lead to other projects in the future.

Next week I will have 2 days of photographing the first and second year fashion design student’s work in the studio.

International Office Project-Chester Day

Today we had the second shoot for the international office project. We had a bigger group of people to photograph today as well as different shots and locations to have during the day.

We started at the Chester Christmas market, we photographed some of the girls interacting with the stalls and the goods on them. This was rather challenging because we had to work quickly and with people walking past the camera or wanting to get to the stall.


We later moved on to get some fish and chips and photograph the people eating it in front of the Eastgate clock, as well as having fun, taking food from each other and looking like they are friends having a good time, despite the fact that most of them only met for the first time that day.


We later did some classic prospectus shots of the people looking at the camera and smiling, some of the shots included a University of Chester umbrella to include the branding of the university in the images.


Today’s shoot was challenging. We had to deal with challenging and ever changing lighting conditions, people walking past when trying to take the images which meant that some shots that could have been very successful, but had to be cut due to the person walking past.

_MG_9327 Some other issues we had related to the models, while we were very grateful to have them all there, it was difficult to switch from the “friendly” vibe we were having in between the shoots to the more serious and professional feel that we were looking for, which made some of the models not as comfortable with the images, which in turn made so they were performing the actions we asked in a more obvious and “to camera” way rather than the natural way we were after.


Despite these challenges we did manage to get some good images from today which will be transferred to out client Ela by Aleks. Based on how Ela feels about the images we might need to have another shoot after the Christmas break.



After the Christmas break, the final images were selected and in addition to some existing images that already existed in the university’s stock the final banner was created:


Chester Art’s Fair; Live Project

On the 17th of November I had worked with event’s management company Black Mango and photographed Chester Art’s Fair in the Chester racecourse.

The brief for the event was pretty clear, we need to photograph the people rather than the art, our client Emma made it clear that she hoped to have images of young people, people talking and laughing, and people drinking wine to express the classy atmosphere of the event.


The event lasted for three days, a long weekend, however I was only available for the first day so I had tried to get as many images and a variety of different types of images as I can, to give Emma as many options as I can provide.

Technically photographing the event was difficult as the lighting in building. In order to tackle that I used a 50mm lens, both as it is a very good portraits, but also as it allowed me to have quite a fast shutter speed whilst still not compromising on the ISO. Despite this, as I was photographing some images came out as blurry or too dark, and whenever I had saw that one image came out not as good as expected I had deleted it straight away, something I didn’t use to do in the past however I wanted to help myself in the image editing and reduce the amount of unusable images to sift through in post production.

Some images were a bit dark however I liked the way that they came out, which was a different and more experimental approach to the standard event photography we are used to see where everything is very bright, and so I had kept some of the dark images and sent them over to Black Mango, to give them a bit of variety in case they wanted something different.

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The event itself was a very good learning experience for me, I had previously worked in events or shows however it had always felt very unprofessional and so I had felt uncomfortable photographing the people in the event, with or without their knowledge, however in this event we were all tagged as official photographers and a brief was set and so it gave me the confidence to photograph as much as I could, as this is what I was asked to do and why I was there.

Emma emailed us all after receiving our images saying that she was very happy with the images and would keep us on her records for future events. She also said she would be happy to provide us with references and recommendations, as well as would send people needing photography for events our way.

This event was a very good experience for me, it gave me experience, confidence, as well as good networking opportunities, and I am very happy with the photos I produced at the end of it.

My photographs on the Chester Art’s Fair website:

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 21.41.20Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 22.28.05

International Office project-High Tea

Today we had one of 2 photoshoots for the international office project.

As the main theme of the presentation of the office is “Chester-A true British experience”, we decided to photograph an international student having a traditional “high tea”. Thanks to my previous connections with the cafe Beatons Tearooms they had agreed to have us photograph their high tea.

Our model today was my friend Cienna who is an international student from the United States. We were meant to have another model however she had to cancel last minute.

The photoshoot went a lot better than the previous one I had during graduations as this time I had Aleks with me who knew exactly what our client, Ela from the international office, wanted the photos to have, what framing, themes, etc.

Aleks and I worked together and came up with different things for Cienna to do in order to interact with the food on the high tea, around the base brief we got from Ela.

We tried 2 different approaches to this, in some of the photos we tried to go for a more natural feel, Cienna was not looking at the camera and was focusing on the food, as if we had just caught her as she was going about her day.



In the other photos we had her look directly to the camera, as this is something you see more of in student prospectus and other promotional photographs of students


Overall the photos came out brilliantly today, the atmosphere was really good, Aleks and I work very well together, and with the addition of Cienna, who is both a good friend, as well as someone who modelled for me before and so I know what she’s like in front of the camera, made everything today just flow very well.

Beatons have been very generous with their help today, and before we left I made sure to let the owner know that Fiona and I are still very keen on creating promotional photos for them to use and that I will contact her soon to discuss dates when we could come over and do a photoshoot for them.

My next shoot for the international office project is next Wednesday where we are going to create some outdoor locations shoots around town to show the British experience that is Chester.

International Office project meeting

Today I had a meeting with my partner for the project, Alex, who I will be working on for the international office.

We have looked into some dates we could use for photoshoots for the project.

The dates we have chosen are the 24th and 29th of November, in order to have them prepared to send out on the 30th. We also discussed new ideas for shots. As the Chester Christmas markets are now up we thought we could use those for our photographs, as a Christmas market, in our eyes, was quite a “British experience”.

After the meeting I have emailed the cafe Beatons who agreed to have us photograph an afternoon tea in their cafe for this project. I have given the dates that we have available as well as asked about the price for the afternoon tea so we could prepare in advanced.

I have already done one shoot for the project, photographing an international student during the graduation ceremony, however the photos were not approved as they had to be shot in landscape, which I was not aware of, and so these will not be used.

For the next photos we have a much clearer idea of what is required and so we should hopefully make photos that will work for the brief.

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LIVE PROJECT: Haylo Theatre

I met Hayley and Louise in the corridors of campus. I took interest with them as they were carrying a clothes rack that I was curious about. We got talking and as they were telling me about their new show I offered to photograph it so they could have some promotional materials for it. They seemed happy with the idea and we had arranged to have me come in to their dress run and photograph that so it won’t disturb the viewing of the show.

I was a bit nervous as I had never “officially” photographed a performance. I had photographed music shows as a member of the audience in the past, however never as close as I was there, standing with them on stage.

I wasn’t too sure how the lighting conditions will be so I had prepared myself and set my camera on auto ISO so I could have full control on the other variables.

The experience itself was very positive. Hayley and Louise were absolutely lovely and made me feel like a part of their team, consulting me on issues and inviting me to take part. I feel that as they had made me as comfortable as they had, as well as how engaging they were while they were performing, made the images very good, much better than I expected.

I had played around with different compositions to the images, tried different angles, from closer and further away, and got a good idea on how to proceed in situations that I am not used to.

I feel that out of anything from this experience I got good contacts for the future, and I would love to work with Haylo Theatre again.

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My photos on the Haylo Theatre website:


Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 20.17.17