Currently based in Chester, United Kingdom, Yam was Previously qualified in studio photography in the Israeli photography school Camera Obscura, Yam continued to further her photography education at the University of Chester.

In her studies, Yam continued to focus on studio photography, as well as branched out into outdoor photography focusing most of her work in fashion and portrait photography, as well as event’s photography.

During the years Yam has become the lead photographer of the fashion department at the university, photographing the works of the fashion students when needed, as well as their fashion shows and exhibitions.

Yam has trained in photography during her internships and placements, one as the assistant of the head of photography at Israel’s Museum of art, as well as in work placement with commercial photography company Digital Exposure.

As well as working as the official photographer of the fashion department at the University of Chester, Yam has been commissioned by companies of the likes of Chester Art’s Fair, Oddfellows Hotel in Chester, fashion boutique Chameleon Style, and theatre company Haylo Theater.

Most recently Yam has worked as a Digital Content Producer for Stranded International and is currently expanding her studies in the field of Digital Marketing and social media advertising.


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