So now what?

My time in university is nearly over and I’m looking with hope into the future.

In the past year, I’ve worked hard on building up my professional portfolio, experience, and connections. I’ve taken on more projects than I could count, some featured on this blog and some not, some that I felt more confident in than others, but overall it’s all been a learning experience and one that will help shape my business in the future.

After university I intend to work as self employed in photography, continuing my focus on fashion and commercial photography, and also branching out more to events. I also hope to continue using the connections I’ve previously made with the fashion department, and more recently the music department to whom I have just provided some photography work, and build more working relations for the future.

I’m also hoping to start producing stock photography work that I could use as an ongoing project that I continuously add to as a self-driven way to produce cash flow to sustain my business.

I do have a part time job I’m planning to continue working in after I finish university to also help sustain me until my business grows enough for me to be able to work in it full time.

Finishing university is a very big and terrifying step, now is the time I am truly stepping out into the world, but I am confident in the business I am starting to build, in the relationships I’ve created in these past three years, that this is a new beginning and I am excited to see what the future holds.


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