MA study

Going into further study has always been something that I had considered. As a person, I am very much an academic person and I do enjoy study and in my lifetime I would like to reach a Ph.D. level. Studying for an MA is, of course, the next stage. It is not a stage that I am prepared to take now, mainly for financial reasons, however, is one that I am working towards achieving in the 5 years following my graduation.

In my MA study, I would not like to study photography, or a specialised version of it (such as MA Fashion Photography, MA Documentary Photography, etc), but a subject that might be related to my photography practice, but expenses on the theoretical side and considers other paths within the photography practice. The three courses I am currently interested in are:

The first course I found was MA/MFA Visual Cultures in Manchester Metropolitan University, however in recent searches for the course I could not find it in the course list anymore, however, there are similar courses to this in other universities.

I am also considering a path in digital marketing, MA courses for which can be found in my current university, the University of Chester in the Warrington campus, and in Liverpool John Moores.

Other courses I am taking an interest in are inUniversity of the Arts London. The two courses I am considering are MA Fashion Cultures, MA Narrative Environments, and MA Fashion Media Production being my favorite one of the three.

At the moment postgraduate study seems pretty far away as I do want to take a short break from study to rest, save up money, and also start gathering work experience in my field however it is definitely a path I would like to pursue.


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