Fashion Photography-Research

My goal since I’ve started university has been to become a fashion and editorial photographer. Getting your foot in the door in fashion photography can be challenging, it’s a very high demand discipline and one that requires a very large portfolio of work in order to succeed in. In the past year, I have spent speaking to photographers, applying for jobs, and attempting to create a large working portfolio of work outside of university, in the form of the work I have done in my live projects.

I have met with a photographer who works as a fashion photographer and also runs a studio for other photographers to use when in need of one. She has been working in the field for ten years and she recommended to continue to apply for as many opportunities as possible, send over to magazines my own personal work, attend as many events as I can, and generally just continue to push forward until something sticks. This is something I’ve already been doing, I am a member of several Facebook groups that are around photographers and fashion work in general, and whenever a job comes up in one of these groups I automatically offer my services.

I have been constantly job hunting through websites such as indeed, glassdoor, and LinkdIn to see what jobs are available within my chosen field. In the photography field, most jobs I have found have been commission based/self employed basis, however, there are some “in house photographer” jobs available mainly in e-commerce websites. In the recent months, I have started applying for jobs in e-commerce websites as those are a great gateway into the fashion photography world, and jobs in which I can gather experience in the field. I had already gone to one job interview for the site ISAWITFIRST for a junior video editor position and I intend to apply for more in the future.

I am going to continue to attend and photograph events to later send to magazines or sell on stock photography websites. In the coming months I will be photographing Manchester Fashion Week and in the summer I will be photographing Nakshi Fashion Week in London.

At the end of May, I will be attending The Fashion Network Recruitment Fair, to which I will take along my portfolio and CV to showcase to the various brands attending the event in the hopes for future work. TFN is a great source of research for jobs and what is going on in the fashion field. I have subscribed to their newsletter and check their website periodically to see if any new jobs come about.


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