Exhibition planning

My final project has drawn from one of my live projects working with the first year fashion students. One of the designers, Lili, has created a dress with a print inspired by Alice in Wonderland. The project I have been working on previously included masks of a cat and a rabbit, which some of those who have seen my project have linked it back to Alice in Wonderland.


As I liked Lili’s design so much, as well as working with her, I decided to start using her dress in my project, drawing inspiration from Alice in Wonderland and the stories surrounding it, mainly focusing on my favourite poem “My Fairy”. My final selection of images was from both series of images, first the ones taken in the studio with Kenzie, and then the outdoor shoots with Louise.

After seeing my work displayed in the second year fashion student exhibition, where my images were printed on a very large scale (6ft).

I decided I would like to print my images for this project on a similar scale, having the portrait images from the studio shoot be 6ft, the main coloured photo from the shoot on the beach to be A0, and the black and white images to be A1. The issues started when I found out that I can’t print on campus in the scale I wanted of 6ft without having to crop my images due to the width of the printer, and so I had to downscale my images to 5″4. I later test printed all images in the correct size to see if they hold up, however, unfortunately, the larger images have started to become soft and the quality of the images have severely been reduced due to the original image file not being large enough to hold up to the scale of the print. This is a known issue when shooting on a digital camera, however, I wanted to experiment and see if it might hold up.


Due to this test print, I had decided to downscale the images completely and have 4 images (the studio and the black and white photos), as A3 and the main coloured image from the beach shoot to be A2. This allows me to do several things I could not have done before. Firstly this allows me to mount my images on Foamex, something I had considered before but was worried that with the large size of the images it will be too much. It also allowed me to print the images on glossy c-type paper. I prefer glossy paper for these prints however the large printer in university only uses certain types of paper, and the c-type printer can only print up to A3. Having all my images larger than A3 would have forced me to outsource them all if I wanted to have them printed in c-type which is why I opted for the other type of paper, however having them at this size allows me to only outsource one image and have the rest done on site.

In the location selection, I had requested to be placed in either the fashion studio or the foyer. I wanted to be located in the fashion studio as, despite it not being used for that purpose on the day of the exhibition, links to my images as they are of fashion nature. I requested the foyer as originally my photos needed quite a lot of wall space however it is not as relevant now, as well as I didn’t know if the fashion studio will be available to use.

I am hoping to display my images in this manner:

how my exhibition should look


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