Throughout the year I have taken part in the university’s Venture program. This program was set up by careers and employability to help support start up business set up by students. The program invites guest speakers to hold workshops and lectures with students to help support them in their developing business.

The lectures include things such as tax information, building website skills, social media for businesses, and more. At the end of the venture program, those who have completed 12 hours of lectures within the program can apply for “the pitch” an opportunity to win a grant of up to £5000 to start your business.

Initially, I started going to events by the Venture program because I wanted to apply for the pitch, as if I were to win the grant it can assist me in building a small studio for myself that I could use once I graduated and to start working professionally on my own without the support of my tutors or the university’s equipment.

However, as I continued to go to the lectures each of them have taught me new things I haven’t even considered such as creating a trademark for my business. I don’t plan on having a name for my business, I would like to just use my own name, however during the “What’s in a name” session regarding trademarks it was mentioned that it’s worth registering a trademark for the business even if it is my actual name, in the events that someone with an identical name starts working in a field similar to mine or even external and could potentially cause bad reputation for my name.

I have also begun going to one-on-one sessions with business advisors from Natwest who have helped me start creating a business plan and prepare for the Pitch coming up in June.


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