Degree show promotion

Throughout the year the promotional team has been focused mainly on social media and have had our Instagram page run by Alannah who has been sharing work in progress posts from all students. Coming to the month before the exhibition, it is now time to start doing active promotion by inviting people to our show.

Within the promotion team, we decided to split up the roles in a way where each of us would contact relevant magazines and galleries in correlation to their own personal interest as well as connections. I took on the role of inviting relevant magazines as I have an interest in editorial in my career ambitions.

I first contacted Laura Robertson from the Double Negative as in the past year I have made connections with her in the hopes of becoming a contributor in her magazine.

I later also contacted The Skinny, Flux magazine, Redeye who will be relevant to the photography students, and Paper Gallery.

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 12.19.13



1 thought on “Degree show promotion”

  1. […] Due to this misalignment between the three groups, our group spread out into individual promotion opportunities, having each individual from the group contact their own connections, which for me was contacting a variety of local magazines as previously mentioned in the blog . […]


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