Chameleon Style shoot 14.2

I had a planned photoshoot with the brand Chameleon Style to promote their spring/summer collection. This was my first commissioned and paid for photoshoot I had done and I was very nervous going into it. The shoot itself from start to finish to around of about 3 and a half hours and the editing has added in about 4 hours all together.

The shoot itself went very well. They had very specific needs regarding the size of the images and the format, as well as they wanted the photos to be cropped from the neck down as they wanted the photos to focus on the clothes, rather than the model. The photos also had to be square, which was the biggest challenge of the shoot, as I wasn’t too sure how much space I’d have to add around the model in order to crop it in to square, and so I took the photos with quite a bit of dead space around in order to crop them back in. In the editing, I’ve realized I could have zoomed in a lot more, which would be very beneficial for me for next time, as now I have a better gauge of the space in the studio and the format of the camera.

This shoot was a very good experience and has given me a lot of understanding on a completely commercial type fashion shoot, and has also given more photos to show a range in my photographs, as I have previous fashion photos done with the fashion students that are more on the art/fashion photography, while still being commercial, however, this shoot was all commercial.

I had suggested to Deana and Sam to do another shoot as we used a white background in the photos, and I felt it didn’t work as well with the white clothes that were shot, but I gave them the option to see which works for them, as another consideration needs to be how uniform the website this is going on needs to be.

After the shoot, I had to make some amendments to some of the images. This experience was a great learning experience as it taught me to solidify the payment and what is included in it before the shoot itself to avoid any confusion when sending over the invoice. As this was my very first paid job it appeared I wasn’t clear enough when setting the price range and that created issues after it.