Headshots for Rachel

Rachel is a friend who has in the past competed in beauty competitions, most recently Miss Wales 2017.

Rachel has asked me to create some headshots for her which I had agreed to do so. The shoot went well, despite the fact that Rachel is my friend the atmosphere in the studio was very professional and organised.

I had experimented with different styles of lighting during this shoot, from bright and clean lighting to more severe lighting conditions to create more dramatic photos.

Rachel had a clear idea to what she wants to have in the images, and once we’ve done those it gave me the opportunity to try different poses, lighting styles and shots, to make sure I have a wide spectrum of images to work with.

During this time in university I want to create a wide range of images to put in my portfolio, all related to my final goal of becoming a fashion and editorial photographer, and so projects like this are exactly what could help me in the future.



Before the Christmas break Fiona and I have visited Beatons in order to photograph their cafe and food in order for them to have promotional photographs for them to use.

This shoot I felt hasn’t gone as well as the one I had done with the international office despite the fact that we had more freedom and less direction with this one. They have chosen a verity of food and drinks they have wanted us to photograph however as the cafe wasn’t as empty as it was during the first shoot I had done with them, we didn’t have as much choice with the positioning of the shots. In the first shoot I had done in Beatons as the cafe was empty at the time we had gone, we had the option of moving around the tables and our model, in order to have the best lighting and backdrop for our image, in this shoot we were more confined to one place, which was at the entrance of the shop which also meant we would have people walking past during the shots.

Despite this I feel that Fiona and I have produced some great photographs for Beatons and ones they can use in the future.

Interim exhibition

On the 14th of December the photography students had an interim exhibition of the work we are currently working on for our final exhibition in May. My project this year started with wanting to work on fashion photography, however at the start of the year due to various personal reasons I had become disconnect to the concept.

I then started working on another project, a more fine art based project that represented the feelings I was experiencing at the time.  It was more of a self help experience for me, it allowed me to release all the negative feelings I had at the time, and brought me out  of the difficulties I was experiencing.

The project was very dark, the photos I took were strange and uncanny, to express how lonely and sad I was feeling.

While working on this project I was doing projects with the fashion students which helped bring back the spark to work on fashion again and it gave me ideas on how to integrate fashion and the work of the fashion students in this project, which is still a work in progress and what I will be spending the next couple of terms working on.

For the interim exhibition I have decided on only using one image, as the best image of the ones I’ve taken during the photoshoots I’ve done, to represent the project, as I didn’t want to share too much at this stage, but just tease as what is to come.

I wanted to make a statement with my exhibition so I decided to print it at the largest size I could without compromising the quality of the print, which was A1. I wasn’t 100% happy with how the final exhibition turned out, as I felt the location I had chosen was too large, and it made my print, which was quite big, look small in the big space.


This interim exhibition was for us to be able to experiment, both with our work, as well as the hanging options and preferences we have. I have many things I would like to improve on moving forward to the final exhibition, and the knowledge I know have based on this experience and I will implement them when creating the final exhibition in May.

Guest Lecture-Laura Robertson

Laura’s lecture was about writing artist statements. This lecture was right on time, as later on in the same week all photography students had to submit their artist statements for our interim exhibitions. I was struggling writing mine because it’s difficult talking about your own work, and it’s even more difficult talking about art without stating the obvious.

Laura showed us various different statements by artists and analysed them with us, which helped us understand the inner workings of writing a statement, and how to make a successful one.

She also gave us different approaches when writing a statement, the most interesting one for me was to write a manifesto. The idea for this was so we can let out everything we wanted to say about our work in an an restrained way. I was considering doing this however due to the time constraint I have decided to just focus on writing a standard statement.

I have used Laura’s advice regarding asking ourselves questions about the work to help us write it.

This was my final statement:

Yam Kovatch


Digital A1 print in lustre.

“I’m not crazy, my reality is just different than yours”-Lewis Carol

Every person has their own reality, their own thoughts, wishes, struggles, and ways they perceive life.  We walk the earth in our own minds, searching for the likeminded, people who will understand, who would make us feel we are not alone, and that will be ok in the end.

My project was inspired by mental health and in particular anxiety. I have dealt with anxiety my whole life and it is something I have learnt to live with. It comes and goes in in waves, some are stronger than others.

When I have an especially anxious period of time life seems odd, everything continues as normal however things just don’t feel right. It is this sense of unreality, foreign, uncanny.

In my project I have chosen to explore the idea of the uncanny, to bring in the strange into the normal. Using objects like masks and photographing in eery environments I have attempted to create a narrative presented without words or facial expressions.

My work was inspired by photographers such as Hannah Starkey, Cindy Sherman, and Ralph Eugene Meatyard, who’s work explores ideas of manipulating the self in order to create different moods, atmospheres, and characters.