Fashion students shoot

Last week I had two days of shoots with the fashion design students. Originally I was meant to photograph the first years on one day, and second years on another day, however as most second years were not ready with their work, that shoot was moved to after the Christmas break, and so the second day of shooting was dedicated to one second year who was ready and a first year who was not available in the day before.

The shoot was overall very successful, most students either modelled for themselves or for others, however a few of them brought in models for the shoot.

One of the students, Lili, brought in a model. Lili was very enthusiastic about the shoot and had a very clear idea to what she wanted to have in her photos, this combined with the quality of her work, and the quality of the model made so that those images were the most successful images of the day. I had spoken to Lili about using her clothes in another project I have this year. As the photos went so well I wanted to use them in my website, however as the model was underaged I had to get the consent of her parent. I asked the model to have her mother email me to let me know if she agrees to have her daughter’s photos on my website, and once she did I uploaded the photos.

The shoot was a challenge because it was the first time I had a chance to work alongside designers, however this brought in different opportunities of experiments with the photos, having the creativity of another person who works in a different medium allowed for a great flow in the photographs and the day as a whole. In a way it removed some of the pressure I often feel when working with friends or other photographers to have all the ideas all the time, and opened up a wider range of collaboration.

I am extremely happy with the photos I ended up with, they would be very useful in my portfolio which at the moment is lacking in fashion photography, and will allow me to reach a wider range of opportunities after I graduate.



Callum Peters; Guest Lecture

Yesterday we had a talk from Callum Peters, a UX designer for the BBC and a university of Chester graduate.

Callum’s talk focused on how he got to where he is now, from his work placement in second year to his current job at the BBC. Callum’s work placement in second year, from how he described it, seems to be an important moment in his career, it was when he had started realising where he is headed and what he wants to do, and where he was exposed to digital design.

When I first heard Callum speak of his work placement I felt a bit uneasy, as I did not really enjoy my work placement and that made me feel like I had missed out. I worked in a commercial photography company in Chester, and I felt like it wasn’t at all what I expected it to be. When choosing my placement I felt a bit pushed to it, with the worry of “if you don’t take this now, you will lose it”. I felt like had I had gone to a different company and a different placement I might have had a better experience and I always felt I was missing out due to it.

However Callum’s placement was not his biggest moment in the lecture, he then went on to tell us about how he got his first job out of university when he spoke to a guest lecturer who came to speak to his class in third year. After he got made redundant from that job he applied to the BBC where he still works to this day.

Callum’s lecture focused on taking risks, he was not shy about going far and getting a placement in London, or approaching a guest lecturer and ask about a job, or even applying to a big organisation like the BBC.

I feel that I am in a good place with networking, as I am a very open and approachable person, and I’m not shy about offering my photography services to anyone I come across, and have done so throughout the year. I don’t mind approaching people to have a chat and give my details in, event if nothing comes out of it in the end, you never know what could happen if you don’t try.