Ladies Lunch for Children Today

A couple of days ago Delphine Wilson, the head of department for fashion design, got in touch with me and asked me if I could work with her and her students on some projects in the upcoming weeks, one project was a fashion event that raises money for the Children Today charity, the other project is some studio shoots of the first and second year fashion students.

Today was the first event. It was in a room that I had previously shot a fashion show last year, however this time the set up of the room was different as this was meant to be more of a lunch rather than a catwalk show, and so I had to accommodate to the new environment which was slightly challenging due to the fact that in this shoot I had to photograph the models walking down from their side, rather than head on like I was able to in the previous shoot. Luckily, some of the models lingered as they turned away and so I did manage to get some good images from the front.


I took advantage of the event for quite a bit of networking. I have made contacts with Emma from the Children Today charity and had offered my photography services to her for any other events she might have. We’ve exchanged emails so I could send her the images after the event, and when I had emailed her to let her know I have uploaded the images onto dropbox, I had also reminded her that I am free for photography and directed her to my website to see other work I have done. Emma replied and had asked me if I could remove some of the watermarks from my images in order for her to send my photos to the press (with credit given), which I had send back to her.

Other people I have gotten emails from today include a speaker in the event, a fashion brand that was exhibiting, one of the make up artists in the event, and some of the models. I have shared the images from the event with them and will be keeping the emails for future reference. I had also made contacts with some of the fashion design students for a potential collaboration for my project I am working on for the final degree show.

I have made contact to the fashion brand Chameleon Style who have given me their card after the show. They are a fashion brand who also organises privet fashion events. They seemed happy that I have made contact and have raised the option for me to photograph their new collection that will be arriving soon and have said that they will get in touch again when the collection will arrive.


Due to the fact I had shared my images with so many different people who don’t know me personally I had decided to watermark my images as well as attach a message in the email sent with the dropbox link letting people know what my social media links are so they can tag me if they will be uploading any.

During the day we also had our department development day. Today’s task was to create a magazine in a day. As I was already going to the show, it was decided that my group will write about it. We had agreed that once the show is over I will edit some photos together and send them over to my group mates back on campus for them to put in the magazine.

As the schedule was a bit tight I had to rush to get photos together for them. They had also changed their mind from our original idea of choosing our favourite print from the show and working with that, and so when I asked which photo they want me to send and of which garment their response was to just send as much as I can. This in turn staggered my working speed as I had to weed through many images instead of just searching for one specific one.

When I had sent the images I was told that the deadline had passed and so non of my images will be used and that they will just use some photos they shot on their phone when they came to see the show. I was quite disappointed that this had happened. I felt there was no communication in our group, I was not informed when the deadline was, I only found out after I had sent images in. I was also not involved in their decisions of what they wanted from the images. I also felt that due to the nature of the assignment and the time that the show had actually began it was not very plausible for me to get images in time for the magazine, as when I was told when the deadline was, it appeared that it was only minutes after the show had ended.

As I was working on this project regardless and for other people, I did not mind not having my images in the magazine, as I know they will be presented in other places.

Overall I had a very good networking experience today and I am hoping that this will lead to other projects in the future.

Next week I will have 2 days of photographing the first and second year fashion design student’s work in the studio.

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