International Office project meeting

Today I had a meeting with my partner for the project, Alex, who I will be working on for the international office.

We have looked into some dates we could use for photoshoots for the project.

The dates we have chosen are the 24th and 29th of November, in order to have them prepared to send out on the 30th. We also discussed new ideas for shots. As the Chester Christmas markets are now up we thought we could use those for our photographs, as a Christmas market, in our eyes, was quite a “British experience”.

After the meeting I have emailed the cafe Beatons who agreed to have us photograph an afternoon tea in their cafe for this project. I have given the dates that we have available as well as asked about the price for the afternoon tea so we could prepare in advanced.

I have already done one shoot for the project, photographing an international student during the graduation ceremony, however the photos were not approved as they had to be shot in landscape, which I was not aware of, and so these will not be used.

For the next photos we have a much clearer idea of what is required and so we should hopefully make photos that will work for the brief.

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