Taylor Swift Reputation; A Review

The 10th of November was the release date for Taylor Swift’s new album Reputation.

The new album, like many of her previous albums, became an answer to her critics over the years. Swift has reinvented herself several times during her career, her music started as sweet and innocent girl next door, her music was very much influenced by country music and had a soft and calm tone to it. The songs were love songs about lost or unfulfilled loves and she made a name for herself for writing songs about ex boyfriends. This name worked for a while however soon the media has started using this name against her.

In her album 1989 she answered to these claims in some songs however the album still focused very heavily on quite sweet love songs.

The album Reputation responses much more heavily to the name she made for herself and her, as the title states, reputation. In many of the songs during the album she does mention the reputation she made for herself like in the song Delicate and most prominently the first single from the album Look What You Made Me Do. The song itself, as well as the music that accompanied it references many “dramas” Taylor had during her career, the music video came out and announced her new self, her new sound, and her new album. The video as well mocked some different personalities she had and was known of having during the years.

The new album’s sound is very different than the normal “Taylor sound” people might be used to. It’s very electronic and not very melodic, but focuses on beats. The album does have some ballad and quieter songs like Call it What you Want, Delicate, and New Year’s Day however the majority of the album is much more up beat.

The lyrics of the songs still focus more heavily on love stories, however it’s done in a different way than the previous songs of hers. The song New Year’s Day to me represents the “Old Taylor” as she called her in the song Look What You Made Me Do, it’s sweet, innocent, talks about the want to be with someone in a naive way, of wanting a simple love “I want your midnights but I’ll be cleaning bottles with you on New Year’s day”.

In opposite to this song the album has songs like Don’t Blame Me which shows a more twisted, obsessed and unhealthy way to love “For you, I would cross the line I would waste my time I would lose my mind”.

My personal favourite song from the album is I Did Something Bad. I feel this song this song combines the two outcomes of the album, the going against the “reputation” Swift got for herself as well as the different type of love she is showing in her new album, the step away from the old innocent love she used to have in her music.

Overall I throughly enjoyed this new album. I feel that with a lot of artists when they reinvent themselves at this level, when it’s both their character and their music style, it often is not very well received, however I feel that Taylor is doing it well and in appropriate times. I also feel that many of her older fans have grown up and so the development was done very well.


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