University- Second year review

The end of my second year in the University of Chester is near and I feel that this is the time to recap it all.

This year I had 3 different modules that each faced a different challenge. I had a collaborative module where I had to produce group exhibitions for, a commercial module that was around creating imagery fit for editorials and mainly “the real world”, and I had one module that focused more on the fine art side of photography.

In this year I had my first taste of collaborating with other artists (which faced a challenge of it’s own regardless of the theme of the photos), how to create photos that are commercially effective, and most importantly I had my first try in medium format shooting and developing my own film.

The medium format and developing was by far my favourite thing I’ve learnt this year, I love the effect it gives no matter how you use it, in the studio or outside of it. I love developing my own film and getting to see first hand my photos coming out.

This year was a challenge for me, whilst last year I was inspired and confidant with my photography, this year not so much. I was struggling coming up with new ideas for projects in every new assignment. The feeling of being creatively drained which is something that happened last year as well, came a lot sooner this year. As this year finishes sooner because we are off to work placement after the Easter break, everything was a lot more fast paced.

I am happy with several pieces of my work I’ve produced this year and feel that I have grown as an artist, but may have just lost my confidence a bit along the way.

My greatest achievement this year by far is getting positive feedback from one of my favourite tutors Tom Wood regarding a personal project I took on for my assignment by photographing my home country of Israel.

Next year is the big one, we have one big project to take on throughout the year. I will make sure to make the most of it and create something I will be proud of.

Until then I leave you with selected pieces of my favourite work I’ve done this year.

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