Getty Images Visual Trends forecast

Each year Getty Images bring out a visual trends forecast for the following year. This forecast is meant to share with photographers and creators what to look out for in imagery for the coming year. It helps creators stay alert and on trend and produce images that would sell well on the ever changing high demand market.

For the year 2016 one of the trends was Surreality.

So what is Surreality?

According to the Visual Trends Forecast by Getty it is “an aesthetics that references how we visually makes sense of the new ways in which we consume culture and share information.” (Source: Getty Images Visual Insights 2016 LINK)

This article by Getty Images talks about the impact the digital age had on our culture and lives. The internet has changed our lives in many ways. Firstly it made everything more accessible. A prime example of that is even Getty Images itself. In the past a stock photo library was a physical place. If an editor of a magazine wished to get a stock image to have to go to a library and search for the images. With Getty and other stock imagery sights (such as iStock, Shutterstock and many more), acquiring the image has become a much simpler and instant process. Another way the internet changed our lives is by changing the way we communicate. Text speech is the new slang. Abbreviations like “OMG”, “LOL” are a part of the daily language of those from generations Y and Z.

“We don’t need to commit words; emojis can now get across the meaning more accurately.”  
(Source: Getty Images Visual Insights 2016 LINK)

Surreality is a way for us to understand the new world we live in. While old school Surrealism was to re-imagine the world we live in and bring it to new extremes and wider horizons, Surreality is taking the extremes we have gotten to with technology a step farther. Going into the more bizarre and uncanny.

This trend correlates with another trend from Getty called “Extended Human”. This refers to how technology has become a part of our day to day lives, of our bodies, of our minds. Surreality is a continuation of that and refers more to the influences and the way we perceive the world.


AD5303 – Specialist Photography Practice Assignment 1

For this assignment we were asked to create stock images that could be submitted to either Getty or iStock that will correspond with the Getty images’ visual trend forecast.

We were introduced to the forecast in our second lecture of the year. The presentation contained many interesting visual trends. Out of the subjects presented the ones I’ve found the most inviting to me were “Super Still Life” and “Surreality”.

I have decided to focus on Surreality.

My next post will show my progress and research for this project.